Music and CD's

Elephant Stairs Elephants Stairs, Collection of English Country Dances by Andrew Shaw. Performed by Persons of Quality in a lively, improvised style with many instruments and moods. Tune info...
Farnicle Huggy Next of Kynaston, a collection of English Country Dance tunes by Nathaniel Kynaston and his contemporaries.
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Farnicle Huggy Farnicle Huggy, a collection of 18th century English Country Dance tunes collected by the noted dance reconstructionist Andrew Shaw.

Rebecca King also appears on:

Swinging on The Gate Swinging On The Gate, a compilation of American Contra Dance and English Country dance bands, co-produced by Rebecca King and Daniel Steinberg.
Cowboy Dancing Cowboy Dancing, by Ray Bierl
Somewhere in Between Somewhere in Between, by Riggy Rackin